Boddingtons – seeking value from the K 2022 exhibition

  • By lucy
  • 1 November, 2022

Boddingtons Plastics has returned from a successful visit to the world’s premier plastics exhibtion – K 2022, Düsseldorf, Germany, October 19-26th.

When it comes to the K Show, CEO Andy Tibbs and Operations  Manager Wayne Allen are looking for quality of the highest order – ideas on materials innovation, equipment, solutions. Both are veterans of the plastics industry, both know the K show very well and are both therefore able to focus exclusively on core injection moulding issues.

‘We know our niche,’ says CEO Andy Tibbs, ‘and part of our success is that we don’t drift away from it: Our clients rely on us 100% to turn their ideas – or that of their design house – into workable medical reality – and to also have us help bring them to market with all the relevant standards and legal paperwork.

‘We realise that Boddingtons always needs to invest in order to keep pace with its ambitions,’ says Tibbs. ‘Visiting the K show has always been an essential part of that.

Andy Tibbs, Boddingtons CEO (left) with Wayne Allen, Boddingtons Operations Manager (right)

‘The reason is that successful contractors such as ourselves need to keep pace all across the manufacturing board, with moulding technology, automation, materials handling, process control, monitoring and Industry 4.0 systems. All of these are areas where time and money can be saved. The K Show has all this detail in one place. This year is no exception – and we can conveniently update ourselves on everything we need.’

Operations Manager, Wayne Allen says that innovation and flexibility of manufacturing systems are both key values at Boddingtons and drive the business forward:  ‘We visit the K show – interested in anything that adds value or takes cost out of a process that we already consider to be highly tuned – inside or outside the Class 7 cleanrooms; in assembly; in quality control and testing and all facets of our manufactuing.’

Allen adds that ‘a typical new client cell might include injection moulding, automation, welding, hand assembly, camera QA inspections; packaging and printing services. And so any developments in any of that technology will be registered by Boddingtons at this year’s K Show.’

Case in point: Boddingtons bought a Micro TIG Pulse-Arc welding machine off a K booth supplier on October 20th before returning to the UK.

Allen adds that ‘ at a more general level I suppose we are also evaluating the features of the various supply players in the marketplace – to see how they are handling themselves currently, the priorities they are putting on values such as energy efficiency and other pointers that indicate how they are seeing our industry’s future.’

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