We pride ourselves on our expertise, our proactive approach and our ability to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers

A solutions and service provider, we are able to fit the right tool, in the right press to the right budget offering customers full transparent flexibility

With press ranges from 50 ton to 850 ton, Boddingtons has vast capability targeting the correct process for each tool individually. The flexibility doesn’t stop their, with a range of tie-barless machines offering very large platen sizes allowing for larger tools in a smaller press size range.

From Design To Full Scale Manufacture
Design for Manufacture

It’s critical our engineers enter the DFM stage as early as possible to feed into the customers design component

Tool Design

Every step of the process is mapped out & shared to ensure the tooling meets the requirements for the product it’s designed for, including the machine types and sizes chosen for production

Moldflow Analysis

Before any steel is ordered for the tool build, the tool design can be challenged through moldflow simulation to ensure that potential problems are highlighted and dealt with appropriately

Factory Acceptance Test

Making sure the tooling is fully functional before it leaves the Toolmaker is key, following a number of basic steps and running the tool at production rates over a set period

Site Acceptance Test

Replicating exactly what was seen in the FAT – at Boddingtons the tool is put through its paces and optimised to meet the product specification

Validation & Customer Approvals

Working to a fully documented and agreed protocol, the validation process confirms that the tooling offers the highest product quality meeting specification and capability

DFM - Design for Manufacture

Designing Products for Tool Manufacture can be a complex process. At Boddingtons, we have a wealth of experience working to extremely tight tolerances, supporting customers on the tooling limitations from a product design, but importantly designing Quality into the product from the ground up.

Moldflow for DFM

Using the latest technology, Moldflow enables Boddingtons and the Customer to see the affects of the product from the tool design before steel is even cut Gate positioning, Weld lines, Venting, Distortion and Warpage are just a few areas that the software can help show potential issues so they can be address together.

Project Management - Milestones

Having a point of contact from the outset is important for both Boddingtons and customer as we partner together to hit the agreed timelines. Using key milestones throughout the process ensures that the activities and time needed to complete are communicated to all parties at every step of the way

Advantages of Injection Moulding with Boddingtons
Our Capabilities
Offering full flexible manufacturing converting a vast range of polymers
  • Material Processing

    From polypropylene, polycarbonates to high glass content nylons including PEEK

  • Fully Flexible Production Press Availibility

    From 50 ton to 850 Ton presses including Tie-barless machines

  • Shop Floor Data Collection

    Using the latest software technologies, linked to every machine, Boddingtons is able to monitor machine utilisation and efficiency to maintain

Our process is streamlined to reduce lead times and ensure quality.
Design for Manufacture

We perform design for manufacture analysis and prepare your quote

Tool Manufacture

After mould design approval, we start manufacturing the tool in-house

Samples & QA

We produce samples, perform QA and the samples to you for approval


Large batch production begins and your part will arrive right, and right on time

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