Boddingtons gives fast response to the Covid 19 call

  • By lucy
  • 22 April, 2020

Medical device manufacturer, Boddingtons, has lately been resourcing fast-tooling and moulding projects in relation to emergency procurement for the Covid 19 crisis.

‘Some lines of enquiry in the past three weeks have been unrealistic and unworkable’ notes company CEO Andy Tibbs, ‘but others – such as our latest project for filter housings for a Covid-19 face mask – have involved around the clock design, fast tooling and moulding in order to get into the medical frontline.’

Marden based Boddingtons has geared its engineering resources and production capabilities in order to help meet the current threat of the Coronavirus, turning drawing to product in less than 2 weeks which included the manufacture of Mould Tooling to support.

Every morning at 7am Tibbs chairs a three-man council of Operations, Sales and Finance functions in order to meet existing manufacturing obligations and to try and factor in new enquiries such as the innovative Covid-19 mask filter housings.

CEO Andy Tibbs says that ‘projects designed for our recently expanded Class 7 cleanroom would normally take months and years to fully design develop into full production. Covid 19 will change all of that. We expect a batch of consequences to not only reshape the future of medical devices and technology but also to be mindful of shortening the supply chain; reshoring vital med-tech manufacturing back to the UK.’

Recent investments at Boddingtons – in Class 7 cleanroom expansions; in the Mitutoyo Quick Vision Active CMM machine and in the universal MDSAP medical quality qualification – will all enable speedy introduction of medical manufacturing.

The company’s award-winning design expertise for medical devices has been recognised on a near annual basis over the past six years. Medical and healthcare clients include SME start ups and Medical OEMs.

Contact Boddingtons direct for manufacturing needs in relation to the virus. Telephone 01622 833723

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