Boddingtons innovates for the building trade

  • By lucy
  • 31 August, 2016

Even the most mature markets for plastics products are prone to radical change, and for various reasons: Last year, for example, saw the introduction of the BS 5534 standard to the roofing industry; a measure that required the industry to develop a mechanical tile ‘fix’, no longer reliant on mortar alone.

One product supplier to the building trade took the opportunity to work with leading contract manufacturer, Boddingtons, to see if the Kent-based injection moulder could reduce the cost, complexity and variety of fix solutions by redesigning the basic product.

The design and manufacturing goal was to help the building products supplier create an inexpensive, simple and robust universal ridge seal. The consultation with building contractor groups – in order to reassess how the product is actually used – proved to be the deciding factor:

One such builder, for example, pointed out that one feature of the previous design – a retaining ‘T-Bar’ section – which held the ridge tile down during fixing – was actually a hindrance and was not necessary.

Boddingtons was then briefed to redesign the part, allowing it to be moulded in the line of draw, removing side actions from the tool, and thus fit to run on a smaller moulding press. The resulting product replaces three previous variants and also satisfies the new BS 5534 requirements.

Boddingtons Managing Director Andy Tibbs notes that ‘this project precisely illustrates the kind of innovation and design improvement that we are pleased to offer our customers in technical moulding.’

Tibbs added that ‘not only does the Boddingtons client benefit from world-class manufacturing services, the product is also designed and built in the UK; a very positive factor at this time in the world economy.’

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