Boddingtons invests in its pharma market future

  • By lucy
  • 29 April, 2021

Medical device manufacturer, Boddingtons, has invested  further  in new injection moulding machines in order to meet demand for a new OEM client in the pharmaceutical sector.

Five Fanuc injection moulding machines are new arrivals to the company, four were delivered on site in the course of February 2021 and are now fully commissioned in the Boddingtons Class 7 cleanroom and another is due to arrive in June.


fanuc delivery (2)

Fanuc Injection moulding machines arriving on site

The new order involves a combination of tool transfer and new tooling. The bulk of the moulding work at Boddingtons will be for the production of components for pharmaceutical  devices that are used in the testing of bacteriological, viral and cell cultures as well as a multitude of analytical processes.

Boddingtons CEO Andy Tibbs says that ‘our Class 7 cleanroom is ideally equipped to handle this important and challenging work. The pharmaceutical sector is a very close cousin to the medical device industry and Boddingtons is delighted to have secured several  contracts – with more in the pipeline for the future.’

Boddingtons manufacturing services have been in demand for emergency medical supplies throughout the Covid 19 pandemic. The company’s state of the art production and extensive medical certifications and standards have ensured a speedy throughput for all kinds of healthcare production needs.

These further investments in injection moulding technology join Class 7 cleanroom expansions; the Mitutoyo Quick Vision Active CMM machine and the universal MDSAP medical quality qualification as further markers in the Boddingtons commitment to its medical and healthcare future..

The award-winning design expertise from Boddingtons for medical devices has been recognised on a near annual basis over the past six years. Medical and healthcare clients include SME start-ups and Medical OEMs.


Contact Boddingtons direct for manufacturing needs in relation to the virus. Telephone 01622 833700

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