Boddingtons returns to the Plastics Industry Awards (PIA) as a winner

  • By lucy
  • 7 October, 2019

Leading injection moulder, Boddingtons, returned to the 2019 Plastics Industry Awards (PIA) as a winner for its Industrial Design work with advanced diagnostics company Cytosystems.

Boddingtons also fielded a highly commended finalist for the 2019 Apprentice of the Year category – Robbie Boorer.

Boddingtons CEO Andy Tibbs said that ‘it’s great to be back at PIA Awards and once again winning the prestigious Industrial Design category for the fourth time.

Jane Alexander Photography Plastic Awards 2019

Jane Alexander Photography – Plastic Awards 2019
James Stanton, Distrupol Commercial Manager, Andy Tibbs, Boddingtons CEO, Paul Bowles, Boddingtons Operations Director and Host Shaun Williamson

As for Robbie –  and all credit to the other PIA contenders – he is also a clear winner as far as Boddingtons is concerned. We shall be holding our in-house event for him and in recognition of his achievements and work successes through his apprenticeship.’

Before last month’s announcements Boddingtons already had three PIA Industrial Design awards under its belt. In 2016, Boddingtons also won the prestigious Processor of the Year category.

A period of factory expansion and clean room construction then followed through 2017 and 2018.  This work on the company’s infrastructure continues and the next Boddingtons Class 7 cleanroom is due for completion and commission in January 2020.

Meanwhile Boddingtons resumes its role in helping bring the Cytosystems life-saving medical device – Bladderlight® –  to market.

Bladderlight® functions as a point-of-care collection device for fast and fail-safe testing/screening of bladder cancer cells. Modestly sized and eminently portable the device is a relatively complex construction involving many mouldings, sharps (needles) and vacuum based technology.

The full manufacturing skill set of Boddingtons was utilized in putting the various device components together – technical moulding, welding, assembly, and deployment of medical needles were all factored into production.

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