Boddingtons set to LEAD through 2017

  • By lucy
  • 30 January, 2017

Each and every morning the production team at leading injection moulder, Boddingtons, assembles in order to check progress and to brainstorm solutions and cross-functional issues.

This commitment and these meetings are all part and parcel of the confidence shown by the company in investing in its new £4.6 million advanced injection-moulding plant. The company expertise also plays a key factor in the business winning a number of awards, most recently the 2016 Plastics Processor of the Year.

Boddingtons is now investing further in its people – in a programme of lean manufacturing training that will roll out through 2017 and will eventually include the entire workforce.

A pilot class of six individuals from various departments began the training in November 2016 and will complete their training later this year. Additional Boddingtons teams will be taken through the training; aspects of which will be customised and made-to-measure as the company learning progresses.

The main contract service provider is a nationwide enterprise called LEAD, one of the UK’s largest and most successful providers of work and vocational training. This training is supported by Government funding and is underpinned with four formal qualifications, which include certificates and diplomas in Business Improvement Techniques.

Boddingtons Managing Director Andy Tibbs says that ‘we are very pleased and excited to be up-skilling our people in this way.

We see this investment as essential – especially in view of the continuing development of the plastics processing industry, the advent of Industry 4.0 and our ever-increasing need for production excellence.

People development is key for Boddingtons. We need it in order to consolidate our position as a leading manufacturing destination and as a provider of world-class manufacturing services.’

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