Boddingtons targets US med-tech markets

  • By lucy
  • 6 March, 2017

Boddingtons enjoyed a successful visit earlier this month to the world’s largest annual Medtech event.

MD&M West celebrated its 32nd edition, located, as usual, in Anaheim California and played host as ever to some of the largest and most leading players in medical manufacturing.

Andy Tibbs, Boddingtons CEO, attended on behalf of the company. ‘The United States still leads the world in terms of med-tech, both for sheer size of products and for innovative plastics technology and innovation in this marketplace.

Tibbs says that ‘it was a pleasure to meet the North American marketplace in California and to sell Boddingtons services for Class 1 and Class 2 device manufacturing; to also show off details of our brand new £4.6m factory, our Class 7 clean rooms – and to talk about much more.’

Tibbs hints that more is to come from Boddingtons in relation to the company’s transatlantic activity and sales. ‘We are very keen indeed on supplying the key med-tech markets in the USA,’ he says.  ‘Current trading conditions are favourable in terms of the sterling/dollar relationship,’ he says. ‘It is also not beyond the bounds for Boddingtons to consider local manufacturing and supply, along the Eastern Seaboard of the US, for example. We have a clear vision of what we are capable of and what the market needs and we are in a good position to take action.

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