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Boddingtons Win Plastics Industry Awards 2015

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  • 1 January, 2016

Boddingtons’ Entry for Plastics Industry Awards 2015 in the Industrial Design Category

Universal Securement Device for Medical Lines

The Universal Securement Device for Medical Lines, a class 1 sterile device, is manufactured and assembled in a class 8 cleanroom.

The medical device consists of a plaster attached to an over-moulded braid, which is of different diameters, depending on the line it is to fit. The device adheres to the skin and the medical line passes through the braid. If the line is pulled, the diameter of the braid automatically reduces and grips the line, much like the old Chinese child’s finger gripping toy. The goal of the device is to safely and securely hold in place medical lines, the advantage of this device is that it takes 30 seconds to apply whereas competitor products take 4-5 minutes to secure.

The key to the success of this product is based on efficiency and cost and it is these two drivers which Boddingtons have had a significant influence in delivering.

The product is now in the industrialisation stage and is poised to sell many millions in this country and around the world.

What were the key objectives of the product development programme?

The goal for Boddingtons was to help create an inexpensive, robust and highly effective device. When the product arrived at Boddingtons, it was at a prototype stage and needed cost to be removed and design changes to make the product robust and efficient.

bdsWhat is special about this product design? 

The Customer’s design makes one wonder why no one has previously thought of utilising the mechanics for this application. The principle will work on all medical tube sizes and is effective and safe. Boddingtons brought to the prototype product: design for manufacture, global supply chain management, tool modification and development, plus a very significant amount of regulatory support.

The product needed a manufacturer to believe in it as much as the customer and it has been on this basis that the partnership has developed and flourished. The line anchor is now poised for huge sales all over the world and, although based upon a brilliant conceptual idea and the customer’s tenacity to bring the product to market, it is also the result of Boddingtons’ expertise in device development and design for manufacture.

This is Boddingtons’ Third Entry into the Plastics Industry Awards and we are delighted to have been winners on two previous occasions, in 2013 and 2014, we are definitely keeping our fingers crossed for 2015. Look forward to seeing you all on Friday 9th at the PIA Awards 


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